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Custom Furniture Gallery

toekickI have also made a wide range of custom furniture. Most of my customers want something unique, something that cannot be found in furniture stores. For example, I have made a number of hall pieces. The usual situation is that it has to "fit between the closet door and the door to the garage. There is a heater running along the wall that can't be covered. It has to have three drawers for kid mittens, a hook for the dog leash and somewhere to sit to put on boots..." I work with you to design something that exactly suits your needs.

hallsettleAnother of my favorite custom touches is to put drawers, like the one in the picture to the right, in the toe kick area at the base of kitchen cabinets. When closed, they do not show at all. These drawers are the perfect place for flat things: the pizza pans and the serving platters. There is an immense amount of space that is wasted in ordinary kitchen cabinets. If you need something special, let's talk. Talk is free.

halltableI have made a number of hall pieces. These are usually custom made for a particular place and a set of storage requirements in a home. For example, the cherry hall table (above right) had to fit between two doors and over a large floor grate. The family had four kids so they needed four drawers and four cubbies for backpacks. In the picture, it is done and about to leave my shop.

kkbigcabinetbackI have made a number of custom kitrchen cabinets for special situations. The large white oak one at right has drawers holding recycling bins on the bottom. It is made with legs to give it a furniture-type look. The cherry cabinet to the left is designed for flexibility. The wine rack and the shelf can both be moved to any height. The drawer unit too is a shelf. It is an enclosed box sitting on shelf brackets. This cabinet also has a wide flat toe kick drawer in the base.

The first pieces I built after I moved into my shop in Maine were this daybed and dresser, shown below during construction. The frames are white ash and the panels are commercial beadboard.



wing2One of the most unusual pieces I have made is a computer desk that had to fit into a 120 degree angle in one corner of an office. One wing of the desktop is about five feet long and the other is about seven feet. In the picture on the left the desktop is being glued. It is made of 4" white oak boards that are herring-boned at the joint. In that way, this very large desktop could be one piece when it was finished.



This shelf unit was specially designed to display a collection of model trains. The shelves have little grooves that are spaced so that the flanges of the train wheels will fit into them.








This set of blocks was designed to be used in a doctor's office or a preschool. They are made of baltic birch plywood and whatever other hardwood I have available.








This TV table was made in a mission style to fit with a mission desk and bookcases that were already in the customer's room. It is designed to go into a corner. In order to have the TV point squarely at the couch and chair in the room, the slanted sides are not at a 45 degree angle to each other. One slanted side is longer, canting the front slightly so that the TV could be parallel to the front of the cabinet and be aimed directly at existing seating.







This is a small bench for an entryway with a matching shelf/cabinet unit (seen here laying on its back). It was constructed of red oak to compliment other red oak woodwork in the house where it was to be installed.












This custom vanity was constructed of white oak with drawers, doors and shelves made to suit the owner's preferences















This very large chest of drawers was made in three separare pieces so that it could be taken upstairs in a house. Once in place, the three pieces were screwed together and also united by the one piece top.









kofficenookdone1Built-ins present special challenges because I build the units in my shop and take them to the home of the customer in pieces. Because of the way life is, most houses do not have walls that are plumb or floors that are level. My work requires a great deal of patience on the part of my customers. I am very lucky to be able to work for such nice people.