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Chair Models & Other Custom Furniture

I pride myself on the honesty of my furniture and my business. I want the prices of my work to be transparent. I calculate that I spend 40 hours on each chair I build, and I calculate $40/hour for my time crafting your chair. Obviously, I also charge for materials and for my cost of the cushions. To this, I add the industry standard of 20% for taxes and overhead, and there you have it: a new heirloom that your grandchildren will be proud to own. These chairs are sold as frames with coverd springs. They are not sold with cushions. Purchaser should have cusions made elsewhere in a fabric of choice. Currently I have a customer working with an upholstery and furniture repair company called Liberty Bell in Portland ME: I have seen some of their work and I have been impressed with it. My contact person there, Jannette Paisley, told me she would be willing to make cushions for Morris chairs, even if they were out of the area. She can be contacted at, 207-219-2200

If you have questions about chairs or any other furniture contact

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Model Photograph Description Price
FDRashsm FDR Morris chair--ASH $2540.00
FDRwosm FDR Morris chair--WHITE OAK $2615.00
FDRqswosm2 FDR model Morris chair--QUARTER SAWN WHITE OAK $2735.00
FDRcherrysm2 FDR model Morris chair--BLACK WALNUT or CHERRY (Shown in cherry) $2810.00
LBwalsm1 Lathrop Brown model Morris chair--BLACK WALNUT $3165.00
FDRottomansm Ottoman for FDR with wood and fabric to match chair (Shown in cherry) Supplied without fabric so that it can be matched when cushions are made $365.00